December 28 2018

Last Friday of 2018

It’s been some time since I posted something.

Don’t confuse my silence for inaction.

2019 is going to be big. I’ve kept the fires burning and the plans, although slow, moving forward.

Today is the last Friday of the year. Use it well. I plan to.

If you’re curious about all this, don’t come back here. All projects and such will go into action. No talk. Boom. There will be no hype.

This was a difficult lesson for me to learn.

I’ll leave you with this…

“Real power is the degree over which you control your own life.”

Rollo Tomassi

Move into 2019 with real power.

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July 4 2018

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Sitting on the balcony of my apartment, sipping sangria. It is hot and humid again today. There is a warm breeze.

I am doing a little writing and working on some of my side businesses.

Speaking of that, one of them, Legends of Tabletop, is now an official LLC.

Now John and I can move forward with a few projects, not the least of which is the Dungeon Master’s Guild content I have spoken of before.

The reservation for the house in Gettysburg for the first Battlefield Gathering has been set as well.

This post is my break from my second novella edits. Going through and re-working your writing is not fun and can be taxing. Part of me wants it done and over with, and the other part wants it perfect.

This is not possible so I need to focus.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.

Keep the fires burning!

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June 10 2018

Sunday Rain

‘Tis Sunday and ’tis raining. There is a steady stream of water soaking the landscape outside my sliding glass door.

I dislike these rainy days intensely as my mood is susceptible to changes in light. I can appreciate the rain and its place within the natural order of things. It can be beautiful, like a thunderstorm. It makes the plant life flourish and makes summer evenings lush and sensual in the moist aftermath.

I still dislike the rain but remain productive despite my melancholy disposition. Remember – Always keep the fires burning. Always move forward. Everyday, do something to further your goals. Keep your Mission alive. Being ‘fat on the couch’ is not a worthy goal.

I am working on a few projects for The Dungeon Master’s Guild to be released soon. John and I are awaiting the official paperwork and such for the LLC for Legends of Tabletop before those go live, however.

Head over to our site and sign up to be alerted when posts go live – Legends of Tabletop.

Yesterday I finished up an Amazon book review. There a few more I would like to complete before the end of June. One is long overdue.

Part of giving voice to my projects is to give myself some accountability but the fear of stating too much is ever-present. Talking about an idea or project may sometimes detract from the initial fire that gave rise to it in the first place.

That’s all for today. I need to do some writing on the third Tesla & Malone novella.

Keep the fires burning!




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June 7 2018

A Cool Weather Thursday Evening

‘Tis unseasonably cool tonight.

It has been a few weeks since my last post. It has been a busy and full June, thus far. Much has transpired.

All of it good.

Writing progresses apace and the Legends of Tabletop LLC is forthcoming very soon.

John and I have some grand plans over the next few years.

For all you gaming and Dungeons & Dragons aficionados, be on the lookup for some Dungeon Master’s Guild products via LoTT before the end of July.

In October, I am planning and organizing a Battlefield Gathering for some of my friends. This will be an epic gathering of like-minded men from around this fine Nation for a long weekend of good food, good wine, great discussions, cigars, battlefield wanderings and live-stream podcasts.

The plan is make this an ongoing event, perhaps twice a year, but at least annually.

The first Gathering will be in Gettysburg, PA.

Stay tuned for details and updates.

Keep the fires burning and don’t forget to work a little bit every day on your goals and your missions – forego the TV and Netlfix watching and spend an hour in the evening writing, exercising, reading, working your side business, etc.

Always move forward.

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May 18 2018

Friday Early Evening

It’s cold out now; cold for late May, that is. The current temperature is 57 degrees and it’s quite windy tonight.

The rain has abated and is not forecasted to continue until 11 PM or so. The rest of the weekend is precipitation here and there with a few potential thunderstorms thrown in as well.

I am heading out soon for dinner and a bottle of Chilean Malbec.

South American wines are quite delicious due to the high altitude and mineral-rich soils where many of the vineyards grow. The grapes that thrive are hardy and bursting with flavor.

It’s almost time to be on my way. I am getting hungry. I was planning to write a post on weight loss for us writers and keyboard jockeys, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Keep moving forward. Keep the fires burning!

ps. Get off your ass and get outside.

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May 16 2018

Early Thursday Morning

It is only Thursday by two minutes as I write this.

The rain, which started as thunderstorms this early evening, continues. It is a backdrop to my writing.

My cat is snoring which is a relaxing, and a funny, counterpoint to the soft pattering of the rain.

I am supercharged up and have a touch of insomnia so I am working on some new project outlines. Sleep will come when it comes.

John and I (of Legends of Tabletop fame) and I had another google hangout business meeting.

Much is afoot.

Our LLC is being processed and we shall be an official business entity soon.

Although I am not much visible with Legends, I do quite a bit in the background, the least of which is keeping the site updated and running smoothly.

There is always something to do.

John works tirelessly as the LoTT front man and edits podcasts like a fiend.

Stay tuned for cool Legends of Tabletop news. Additionally, (and finally), my forthcoming second novella РI am working on getting this published in late summer. Writing the Tesla & Malone series is fun for me.

My fantasy novel has been resuscitated and work on that is going well. 456 words tonight. Not much but it all adds up. I am happy with my progress thus far.

What are you all up to?

Do something everyday that furthers your goal!

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April 24 2018

The Moorestown Mall – The Demise of Mall Culture

Vintage Moorestown Mall NJ

I am at the age where the phrases, “I remember when”, and “this used to be such-and-such”, are stated in conversation more times than I care to count.

Sentimentality and Romanticism have always occupied a small space in my heart and soul.

I practically grew up in the Moorestown Mall.

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April 23 2018

Rocky Patel Edge Candela Toro

I like this cigar.

The Rocky Patel Edge Candela is a smooth, creamy smoke.

This is the company’s first cigar adventure with the Candela wrapper. The leaves are harvested before they have had a chance to ‘mature’ and then are dried quickly, thus holding down the color of the plant’s chlorophyll content.

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April 15 2018

Sunday Afternoon

Last night the temperature dropped from 73 to 43 degrees over the course of only 2 hours. The wind made that feel even colder.

Winter has yet to leave us.

This weather has been odd. It reminds me more of September & October rather than mid-April.

Right now the wind is whipping the trees up and whistling down my fireplace chimney. Earlier, I saw a small squirrel hugging a tree branch tightly as the wind rocked his perch. His grey coat was scruffy and rough looking.

It is cold and damp.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow.

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