April 9 2018

Monday – Late Evening – The Best Sangria Recipe

There is a glass of wine¬† (alas, not the best sangria – yet), at my side and I have just now finished up 358 words on the third novella. The wine is called Orzada and is a 2015 Malbec from Chile, Vineyard is called Odfjell. It’s easy to drink. Smooth and fruit is up in your face, not heavy alcohol. Nice, long finish.

Get yourself a bottle.

Mild, productive night and now ’tis time for my reward. Shall I read or watch something? I am quite tired so I may fire up a podcast and drift off to sleep listening to the low murmur of wisdom and knowledge.

However, before I decide which to do, I want to take a short break and share what seems like a good sangria recipe.

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