April 9 2018

Monday – Late Evening – The Best Sangria Recipe

There is a glass of wine¬† (alas, not the best sangria – yet), at my side and I have just now finished up 358 words on the third novella. The wine is called Orzada and is a 2015 Malbec from Chile, Vineyard is called Odfjell. It’s easy to drink. Smooth and fruit is up in your face, not heavy alcohol. Nice, long finish.

Get yourself a bottle.

Mild, productive night and now ’tis time for my reward. Shall I read or watch something? I am quite tired so I may fire up a podcast and drift off to sleep listening to the low murmur of wisdom and knowledge.

However, before I decide which to do, I want to take a short break and share what seems like a good sangria recipe.

This was passed on to me from a co-worker. Her husband makes this for their Summer evening libation consumption.

Sangria. I love a good Sangria.

Red, preferably, although my friend Pete Rawlik’s wife makes a kick ass white sangria. Absolutely delicious.

Here is the list of ingredients for this particular recipe.

-Dela Cruz Red Sangria (apparently, this provides a base).
-Blackberry brandy
-Fruits – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries
-1 cup of sugar (optional).

She did not know the measurements for these ingredients, so we can all wing it. Consider that part of the fun.

For us, we’ll just grab a large, glass ice-tea pitcher and add each ingredient in various measurements and note these choices. Then, after we mix it up and ice the lot, we’ll rate the concoction.

If we like it, then we did it, and we’ll have a recipe for further production.

If not, we’ll try again.

Mowgli, the cat, is snoring whilst curled up on his leather chair.

I do believe I shall fire up the podcast.

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