May 16 2018

Early Thursday Morning

It is only Thursday by two minutes as I write this.

The rain, which started as thunderstorms this early evening, continues. It is a backdrop to my writing.

My cat is snoring which is a relaxing, and a funny, counterpoint to the soft pattering of the rain.

I am supercharged up and have a touch of insomnia so I am working on some new project outlines. Sleep will come when it comes.

John and I (of Legends of Tabletop fame) and I had another google hangout business meeting.

Much is afoot.

Our LLC is being processed and we shall be an official business entity soon.

Although I am not much visible with Legends, I do quite a bit in the background, the least of which is keeping the site updated and running smoothly.

There is always something to do.

John works tirelessly as the LoTT front man and edits podcasts like a fiend.

Stay tuned for cool Legends of Tabletop news. Additionally, (and finally), my forthcoming second novella РI am working on getting this published in late summer. Writing the Tesla & Malone series is fun for me.

My fantasy novel has been resuscitated and work on that is going well. 456 words tonight. Not much but it all adds up. I am happy with my progress thus far.

What are you all up to?

Do something everyday that furthers your goal!

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