April 8 2018

Sunday – Late Morning

The sun is out and it is about 40 degrees. Rather chilly for April. I am sitting in my reclining leather chair, drinking coffee, and writing. I can look out of my sliding glass doors of the balcony and watch the occasional, random golfer brave the chill air to play the game. The woods beyond are a nice backdrop.

Yes, I live on a golf course. For now.

Several small birds, some type of chickadee I think, are flitting about and landing on the balcony railing. Mowgli, my cat, is oblivious. He just missed a squirrel, too.

I am cleaning up the second novella before I send it on to my developmental editor. While I work on her edits I shall hand off the rough draft to several beta readers for their input as well.

In the next month, I will work with Adam Baker, my cover artist, discussing the design of this new book.

His work is outstanding.

Going to be a busy Spring/Summer.


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