June 10 2018

Sunday Rain

‘Tis Sunday and ’tis raining. There is a steady stream of water soaking the landscape outside my sliding glass door.

I dislike these rainy days intensely as my mood is susceptible to changes in light. I can appreciate the rain and its place within the natural order of things. It can be beautiful, like a thunderstorm. It makes the plant life flourish and makes summer evenings lush and sensual in the moist aftermath.

I still dislike the rain but remain productive despite my melancholy disposition. Remember – Always keep the fires burning. Always move forward. Everyday, do something to further your goals. Keep your Mission alive. Being ‘fat on the couch’ is not a worthy goal.

I am working on a few projects for The Dungeon Master’s Guild to be released soon. John and I are awaiting the official paperwork and such for the LLC for Legends of Tabletop before those go live, however.

Head over to our site and sign up to be alerted when posts go live – Legends of Tabletop.

Yesterday I finished up an Amazon book review. There a few more I would like to complete before the end of June. One is long overdue.

Part of giving voice to my projects is to give myself some accountability but the fear of stating too much is ever-present. Talking about an idea or project may sometimes detract from the initial fire that gave rise to it in the first place.

That’s all for today. I need to do some writing on the third Tesla & Malone novella.

Keep the fires burning!




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