April 14 2018

Saturday Early Afternoon Edition

Eighty degrees and the sun is high and bright right now here in Philadelphia, PA. It is early in the season and the air is fresh and clean (as much as it can be in a city) and the sour milk and urine combination has yet to settle into the atmosphere.

All the windows are open and the afternoon air moves across the back of my neck.

Coffee is before me and I am writing more on the third novella.

It feels good to be productive. I have quite a few irons in the fire. This Summer is going to be busy both personal and business-wise.

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April 10 2018

Tuesday Night Fireside

The weather was a tad more mild today. A cool 51 degrees. The sun was strong and warm as I took my walk in the afternoon to get some coffee.

I enjoy a short, brisk walk as a break during my full-time employment workday.

Cold April thus far. Warmer weather is forecasted starting Thursday.

I am looking forward to that. In the meantime, I am enjoying this fire and this glass of wine as I get some writing work done.

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April 10 2018

The Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Wood-Burning Fireplace

Fireside Writing

I live in an apartment with a wood burning fireplace and I love it.

Wood burning fireplace, not gas burning fireplace. This is important. Sorry gas fireplace people. It is not the same. Gas fireplaces suck. There is no wood fuel involved. There is no history. No skill.

The vibe is different.

There are five reasons why you need to have or build one for yourself.

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April 9 2018

Monday – Late Evening – The Best Sangria Recipe

There is a glass of wine¬† (alas, not the best sangria – yet), at my side and I have just now finished up 358 words on the third novella. The wine is called Orzada and is a 2015 Malbec from Chile, Vineyard is called Odfjell. It’s easy to drink. Smooth and fruit is up in your face, not heavy alcohol. Nice, long finish.

Get yourself a bottle.

Mild, productive night and now ’tis time for my reward. Shall I read or watch something? I am quite tired so I may fire up a podcast and drift off to sleep listening to the low murmur of wisdom and knowledge.

However, before I decide which to do, I want to take a short break and share what seems like a good sangria recipe.

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April 8 2018

Sunday – Late Morning

The sun is out and it is about 40 degrees. Rather chilly for April. I am sitting in my reclining leather chair, drinking coffee, and writing. I can look out of my sliding glass doors of the balcony and watch the occasional, random golfer brave the chill air to play the game. The woods beyond are a nice backdrop.

Yes, I live on a golf course. For now.

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